Original Tofu Cat litter 6L

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The “Tofu” Cat Litter. •Made with natural tofu dregs, 100% natural and safe. •100% dust free, no more respiratory discomfort on you and your cat. •Incredible odor control, active carbon molecules added to optimize odor removal. •Fast clumping •Featherweight •Sponge-like absorption can absorb several times of volume in just 2 seconds. •Soft and gentle on your cat’s paws. •No tracking, no more cat litter stuck on your cat’s paws. You will have a cleaner home. •Environmental friendly, 100% biodegradable. •Easy to dispose of, just flush down the toilet with your cat’s feces and urine. •Economical, one bag lasts longer. 1 cat, 1 bag, 1 month. •Easy to scoop, no more constant scraping of the sides or the bottom of the cat litter box. •Vacuum packaging. Resealable bag included to prevent moist from the cat litter.


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